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The Great Plains Conference of the Free Methodist Church serves Free Methodist churches in Kansas, Nebraska and Missouri.  The annual conference is the organization at the regional level that joins local churches into a network.  Its function is to ensure that pastors and congregations are counseled and encouraged, to identify those who are being called into the ordained ministry, and to promote and oversee church planting and evangelism.



OUR VIsion

To bring wholeness to the world through healthy biblical communities of holy people multiplying disciples, leaders, groups and churches.


Embrace All
We will improve our reach to the poor and disenfranchised and create a normalcy for multicultural ministry by rewarding and celebrating churches that minister to the hurting, broken and people unlike themselves.

Disciple Deeply
We will place the same priority on discipling and serving as we do on our services of worship.  By valuing and measuring holiness, service and obedience, we will increase the fruitfulness of the good news in our communities.

Cultivate Health
We will work to improve the health of every local church by creating measurable expectations and regular assessments.  We will create and utilize training materials that focus on church health.

Develop Leaders
We will raise up godly and competent leaders who support our vision and passionately make disciples.  We will identify these leaders within our churches and provide opportunities for recruitment, internship and service.

Multiply Ministries
We will increase multiplication of disciples, leaders, groups, churches and ministries by highlighting exemplary leaders and by changing the way our churches view and report growth.

Go Global
We will increase the global and local influence of our churches by encouraging engagement with worldwide ministries and helping churches to better impact their communities.

Honor Fruitfulness
We will increase the number of growing and fruitful Free Methodist churches by encouraging and aiding successful leaders and their ministries.  We will tell the story of these ministries to the rest of the denomination. 

Engage Urban
We will increase Free Methodist church planting and ministry in U.S. urban centers by developing lasting ministries and local leaders that multiply themselves throughout our cities.

Partner Strong
We will encourage partnerships with like-minded ministries.  These mutually beneficial relationships give us unified voice on social and spiritual issues, as well as more focused skills to fulfill our mission and vision.